New Spirit farm family in Minnesota"We're a social finance organization facilitating a flow of capital to farmers while fostering land stewardship and a social ethic that will protect and nourish the Earth for future generations.”

Connecting Social Impact Capital with Farmers. We help farmers committed to organic or sustainable agriculture by linking them with socially motivated capital providers who share their values of organic production, land stewardship and family farming. Learn more about our investment program and current investment opportunities.

Protecting and Nourishing the Earth for Future Generations. Our approach begins with the needs of the farmer and a belief that farmer stewardship and independence is important to long-term health of rural communities and of the working landscape. Access to farmland on a long-term basis at affordable prices is critical to the success of organic and sustainable farmers of every kind. Our goals are to support land stewardship and farmer ownership and management of the land. Learn more about our opportunities for farmers.

Mike and Pam Green are looking for an organic dairy farmer to take over their farm near Richland Center, Wis.Why Our Approach is Different. Other farmland finance companies, even those with an interest in organic farming, are  often focused on and driven primarily by investor priorities. We instead seek people who desire to have a social impact with their capital and align their interests with farmers and rural communities.